Would You Buy A Class B RV Without Ever Seeing It In Person?

Let me ask you a question: Would you buy a Class B RV without ever seeing it for yourself, in person?

As you know, there are countless products and services for sale that you can easily purchase without ever verifying its quality in person. Since the advent of the Internet, now more than ever, consumers are quite comfortable with purchasing products and services without ever “laying hands” on it. People can shop for groceries online, purchase jewelry online, and even clothe their entire family all from the comfort of their PJ’s in their living room. But what about a really big-ticket item purchase? Specifically, would you buy a Class B RV without ever actually seeing it with your own eyes?

This screenshot of a recent customer review on our Facebook page comes from Norm, who lives in the Northeast. The first time that he saw his used 2003 Rialta was when we delivered it to his driveway!

Sunshine State Facebook Review

So let me explain this better. Not only did Norm use the Internet and our website to assist him with making a big ticket item purchase, not only did he purchase his used Class B RV without ever coming to our dealership and viewing it in person, but he had such a great overall experience throughout that entire process, he felt compelled to leave a raving review on our Facebook page.

And Norm isn’t the first person to buy a Class B RV off our lot sight-unseen, and I don’t think he will be the last one either:

Sunshine State RV Google Review

The above screenshot is another review, this time on our Google business page. Marcia, like Norm, also purchased her used Class B RV, this time a 2005 Pleasure Way Excel TS, without ever actually seeing the Class B RV in person. Now, we didn’t have one of our licensed and insured associates deliver it to her house like Norm, because Marcia and her husband wanted to take advantage of our Fly and Drive program. Marcia wanted to make an extended vacation and drive her Class B RV back home personally, but the same applies to Marcia as it did to Norm. She was so satisfied and happy with her overall experience, she wanted to make sure others could benefit by leaving her review online.

The point being, although it might not sound conventional, Sunshine State RVs will make the extra steps necessary to make sure you get the best value, customer service, and experience possible; whether or not we ever meet you in person!

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