Why You Are Not Getting the Best Fuel Efficiency from your Class B RV

fuel-efficientWhat is the #1 reason why people are hesitant to travel in RVs these days? Fuel efficiency! Even though RV sales have increased steadily in the past decade, one thing about the industry remains steady: people are scared of the amount of money they will have to shell out just for gas. The RV is gaining notoriety for being a “gas-guzzler,” when in reality it is only certain “classes” of RVs that live up to this name. The Class A RV, for example the Gulfstream Tour Master, is by far the largest type of RV and will only get you 6-10 MPG. But did you know that a Class B RV can typically deliver anywhere between 15-25 MPG?

Many factors will account for how much gas you will guzzle on your next getaway: are you driving up-hill, do you have your generator running, are you towing something in the back such as a trailer, a boat, or an unruly child? All of these things will have a negative affect on the fuel efficiency that your Class B RV can provide to you. But there are things you can do to improve your gas mileage.

What Matters (And What Doesn’t) When Optimizing Fuel Consumption

Keep your RV serviced.
A poorly tuned engine has to work harder to give your RV the power it needs, thus consuming more fuel. Many claim that something like a dirty air filter can reduce your RV’s gas mileage by up to 20%!

Don’t leave the engine running.
Yes, even if Mary just ran into the gas station to grab a Butterfinger. Gas is still consumed when you are sitting in idle.
Make overdrive and cruise control your best friends. Your engine slows down in overdrive, and using cruise control avoids constant acceleration

Keep your tires properly inflated.
The 3.3.% improvement in fuel efficiency may not seem like much now, but when you combine it with all the other fuel-saving behaviors you practice, it makes a difference. (But of course, your tires are already properly inflated for safety purposes.)

Stay comfortable in your RV.
Every time I am in the car with my husband, and I try to use the air conditioning (we live in Florida after all), it is a constant battle; he thinks that using the air conditioning is a sure way to waste gas. Well, allow me to gloat: running your air conditioning, according to fueleconomy.gov, only uses about 1 MPG of your total gas supply. You decide if it’s worth it.

Lastly, try to avoid getting lead foot syndrome.
Here is a handy adage you can use: Next time you get the urge to pass, think of the gas. Every 5 MPH that you drive over 50 MPH in your Class B RV is like paying an extra 27 cents per gallon at the pump!

GUESS WHAT. Following our fuel efficiency tips, one of our loyal patrons here at Sunshine State RVs boasted that her Roadtrek Adventurous actually got a little over 27 MPG on one of her cross-country trips. I speculate some tail wind may have been involved, but that is quite a feat nonetheless.

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