Where to Find Your Class B Motorhome's Original Owner's Manual Online

Do you have an older RV and can’t find where you stashed the owners manual? Or maybe you just bought a used RV, you can’t find a manual, and now you need it…ASAP! If you are like us and the majority of RV owners, you log on to your computer, phone, or tablet and quickly search on Google hoping you find exactly what you are looking for.

But let us save you some time…

Below we have a list that we use when we need to access manuals for older RVs that we periodically accept on trade. All but one of the sites listed below are from manufacturers that are still in business. Chinook is no longer in business but there are plenty on the road and Chinook has a really strong following online. We frequent popular forums to gain access to old RV manuals when a manufacturer web site is not available.

Note: The owners manuals are very large files. Even if you have high speed internet, it may take time for the files to download. If you have dial up, you should find a wifi hotspot before downloading the file.

The manuals that you will find will most likely be in .PDF format. To open this file type you will need a .PDF reader. You can download a free reader at Adobe.

When you click on the link to download your manual, depending on your internet browser, the file will either begin to download to your computer or it will open the document within your browser and you will have to save the .PDF file to your computer or mobile device.

There are clear instructions on how to download the owner’s manual.


Pleasure Way Owner’s Manual

Pleasure Way does not provide any downloadable manuals on their site. They only list brochures of their latest models. However they will email you a copy of what you need. The link above will take you to their site where you can find their contact information.

Winnebago Owner’s Manual

Born Free Owner’s Manual


Unfortunately there is no manufacturer’s website that lists owner’s manuals for the Chinook RV. However, this Chinook RV Club website has been collecting them from owners.


If you know where to find owner’s manuals for any of the manufacturers listed above, please share with us by commenting below. Also, let us know which are your favorite RV forums and additional resources.

Happy RVing!!!

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