What You Need to Know About the Chinook RV Company Class B RVs

If you are in the market to purchase a used Class B RV, then you probably already know about Roadtrek and Pleasure Way Class B RVs. We even made a couple blog posts covering the different model types of Roadtrek and Pleasure Way models you’re most likely to find on our lot here at Sunshine State RVs. 

Another popular Class B RV option you’re likely to find in our inventory at Sunshine State RVs is the lesser known Chinook. Chinook’s are actually considered a larger Class B RV. You might see others refer to them as a Class B+ while some people even refer to Chinook’s as a small Class C RV, and there are larger Chinook models that would certainly fit the definition of Class C RVs.

The Chinooks that you will find here at Sunshine State RVs are most often the Chinook Concourse and Chinook Premier.

Probably the biggest difference you will find with Chinooks, especially in comparison to the Roadtrek and Pleasure Way Class B RVs, is the unique size and shape. Chinooks are designed and made with a fiberglass hull, comprising the greater majority of the unit. A great way to think of it is like having an upside down boat, in a way, with a really nice floor and some plush leather couches. What makes the Chinook so unique is in fact that it has more of a classic RV or motorhome feel, whereas the Pleasure Way and Roadtrek seem to feel more of a conversion unit, albeit a REALLY nice and plush conversion unit.

The history of Chinooks are actually rather long and extensive. It’s one of the older motorhome companies in the industry, and was family owned and operated. They were considered pioneers in the Industry, constantly innovating and creating new concepts and products that progressed the small motorhome industry, helping to mold and shape it into what it is today. Around the start of the 21st century, however, the company experienced some troubled times, and were forced to close down and thus stop production. There were whispers that their patents had been purchased and concepts and prototypes for new Chinook models were in the works, but nothing for definite seems to be happening in the near future. 

For a complete guide into the history of Chinooks, I encourage you to check out this website, where they have a comprehensive look at the history of the company. It’s definitely worth the read!

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