Top 5 Roadtrek Class B RVs Found at Sunshine State RVs

If you’re in the market to purchase a used Class B RV, then you know Roadtrek is one of the top options in the Class B Industry. Roadtrek’s are one of the most popular Class B RVs you can find, and almost have a cult-like following associated with their owners. Roadtrek owners take great pride in their Roadtreks and are passionate about their favorite Class B RV.

When you come to visit us at Sunshine State RVs, you’re going to see Roadtreks on our lot. Because Roadtreks make up a good part of our inventory, we wanted to share with you some of the differences between the model types of Roadtreks you’re most likely to find here at Sunshine State RVs. The five Roadtrek models you are most likely to find here at Sunshine State are the 210-Popular, the 190-Popular, the 170-Versatile, the RS Adventurous, and the SS Agile.

Let’s explore some of the reasons that make Roadtreks some of the best Class B RVs in the Industry:

Roadtrek RS Adventurous and Roadtrek SS Agile

“These two Roadtreks are known more for their luxury as opposed to their other Roadtrek counterparts, which are known more for their practicality,” says Matt, our lead service technician here at Sunshine State RV. You’ll immediately notice the difference in these two Roadtreks over the others on this list, and not just because of the size and exterior appearance.

The interiors of the Adventurous and Agile are every bit of luxurious. However, what really separates the two over the other Roadtreks is the storage space, which you’ll notice with all the beautifully crafted cabinet areas. Another difference you’ll find comes in the handling of the RS and SS models. Due to the size of these models, and the chassis they are built on (some Dodge and some Mercedes), they consistently handle better than other Roadtrek models. You’ll especially notice their ability to handle heavy winds on the open road.

Now lets take a look at the 170, 190, and 210 models of Roadtreks.

There are subtle differences when you compare and contrast these three, but you can certainly find them. Our lead service technician, Matt, says its really just a matter of preference with the owner. “Some people prefer to have lots of room, while others prefer more of a confined or controlled space,” says Matt.

If you love a lot of room, then you’ll go for the RS and SS models. However, if you’re not a fan of the larger chassis, then the order of size with the other three would be the 210-Popular, followed by the 190-Popular, and last the 170-Versatile.

One of the bigger differences between the 210, 190, 170 is the dump tanks and specifically, the operating of them. With the 210, there is an automated system, which sounds more appealing as opposed to the 190 and 170’s manual operating system. However, Matt has heard from several past and current owners and feels the overall preference would be that of the manual operating system of the 190 and 170 as opposed to the automated system of the 210.

The 210 will come with surround sound and overall, rides the best out of the three, however all three get comparable gas mileage of each other. One last point to mention is that Matt said how Roadtrek windows are know for having high quality parts, especially the windows. He believes that Roadtreks, overall, do not leak nearly as bad as some other Class B RV makes and models that he sees.

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