Thinking About Buying a Used Class B RV? Here are Two Main Reason Why You Should

ssrv-front-lotYou might be wondering if a used class B RV is the right motorhome for you. Many of our customers that visit us are in various stages of their Rving adventures. Some are looking to upgrade, and have grown tired of having simple pop-up trailers. Others are looking for a more complete RV experience, as their 5th wheel has just become too much work than what they want.

Having the pleasure of dealing with hundreds of customers for more than 15 years, we at Sunshine State RVs learned there are two main reasons to consider when making a Class B RV purchase. Of course, there are dozens more reasons why buying a Class B RV is a great decision other than the two we cover here, but we hear about these two all the time.


One of the best features of purchasing and owning a Class B RV and perhaps the main reason you should own one is the flexibility you have, especially when you compare it to owning a Class A or C. Our customers tell us all the time how much they actually use their Class B and how easy it is to just jump in and go. Time after time, we hear our customers say that the best part about owning a Class B RV is that they are really easy to drive, allowing for anyone to feel as comfortable driving it as they would their daily vehicle.

With a Class B RV, you can leave the campground and head over to Outback for dinner and then stop by and check out the latest movie in theatres. Point being, its not a huge production that you have to plan ahead for. You just unhook and go! And Class B RVs have some of the same features as the big Class A or Class C RVs. You get the generator, the shower and toilet, microwave and cooktop; all the amenities found in the big RVs are typically in most of the Class B RVs right on our lot.


Buying a used Class B RV is probably the best decision you can make from a value standpoint, especially from Sunshine State RVs. The 172-point inspection performed on all of the RVs in our inventory ensures that you are getting a Class B RV that has been thoroughly inspected before ever spending a second on our lot. Another value based incentive is that buying a used Class B RV is going to save you considerably as opposed to buying brand new. There are several Class B RVs in our inventory that have extremely low miles.

Other great values include the gas mileage of Class B RVs. One of our customers who purchased a Roadtrek from us wrote to tell us just how great their gas mileage was on their North Georgia mountain trip. They were averaging well above 20 miles per gallon in the mountains and more than 25 miles per gallon on highway driving. Now that the cost of gas is dropping (its finally under $2.00/gallon here in Gainesville, Florida!), taking those long road trips is now just as economical as it is comfortable in your Class B RV.

What You Need To Know

There seems to be a theme we hear about all the time with our customers when it comes to owning Class B RV over other RVs. The two main reasons are the flexibility of using their Class B and the value owning a Class B has over other RVs.


  • Whether in your driveway at home or in one of our nations fantastic camping grounds, its easy to just jump in and go with a Class B RV
  • Class B Rvs are easy to drive, making anyone feel as comfortable behind the wheel of Class B RV as they would their daily driver
  • Class B RV features are similar to Class A and Class C RVs. Most of Sunshine State RV’s inventory have a toilet, shower, generator, microwave, and cooktop ready for you to use and enjoy


  • The price difference with a used Class B RV opposed to a new Class B is substantial: Most of Sunshine State RVs have low miles and are bought from the first or second owner
  • All Class B RVs have undergone a 172 point inspection by our RV certified technicians before spending a second on our lot. You will not leave our lot with your Class B RV without feeling completely comfortable operating every part of your Class B.
  • Customers constantly reach out to us telling us how much they are impressed with the gas mileage these Class B RVs can get. They are as economical as they are comfortable to drive

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