The Toughest Pre-Owned Inspection In The Class B RV Industry

It’s no secret that shopping for a used RV, whether it’s a large Class A or a small Class B, can be a scary experience. You have no idea what you are getting into and there are a multitude of questions and concerns that you need to have answers to.

  • Has the engine been serviced properly and regularly?
  • Has the RV had multiple owners?
  • How long has to RV been parked? Is there rust?
  • Have the components been fully serviced?
  • Are there any leaks?
  • Have any major repairs been done to the RV?
  • The list goes on and on…

And you know what…You have the right to ask tough questions.

We also have to ask the right questions in order to find out if there are any major concerns with an RV before we purchase it or accept it in as trade. However, no matter the condition, even if the RV is pristine, ALL of our RVs go through a grueling 172 point inspection. Completing a thorough inspection not only protects us but also ensures that our customers are getting the absolute best quality in a used Class B motorhome. We pride ourselves on how surprised our customer’s are when they finally see their RV in person.

Many times we hear from our customers “This is exactly what you advertised!” or better yet “This is beyond what I expected from your advertisement.”

Wondering what major points we check?

See below for a brief list of the key points our Master Certified RV Technician and our Experienced Detailing Team check on each and every RV we sell.

  • Major Points of Inspection
  • Multiple mechanical points
  • Complete electrical overview
  • Appliances are all operational
  • Heating and air systems are fully operational
  • Batteries
  • All tanks: black, fresh, gray, LP
  • Plumbing: interior & exterior
  • Water pump
  • Toilet
  • Bath & kitchen
  • Awning: crank or power
  • Storage compartment seals: exterior
  • Storage compartments: interior
  • New fire extinguishers
  • Monitor panels for all tanks are fully functional
  • Generator is fully serviced and functional
  • Tables and legs included and work properly
  • Caulking
  • and everything in between…the list is quite extensive.

Our technicians ensure that everything in the RV is working properly so that when our customers purchase their RV, they hit the road with confidence. Over 90% of our customer’s travel from all over North America to purchase their dream RV and go RVing immediately after they purchase. That alone motivates us to make sure that our pre-owned RVs look, feel, and run like new.

So, with our scrutinizing 172 point inspection from a well experienced and tough technical team along with a 90 day warranty, customers can begin their road trip adventures without any worries or concerns.

Are you shopping for an RV? Have you checked out our latest inventory?

Wondering what our customer’s think? Check out their experience with us and what they have to say about our used Class B motorhomes.

Happy RVing!

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