Road Trip: Top Summer Destinations

Summer was made for road trips! Everyone is posting where they are going and I keep seeing “Top 10” lists of the best vacations and destinations. Here are three destinations that seem to make every list.

We hope these places will inspire you to get out there on the road and enjoy some fun adventures.

boydsBoyd’s Key West Campground

The very last town in the long chain of islands that stretch into the Gulf off the tip of Florida, Key West is pretty much the end of the road. And, when you finally get down that road with your RV, Boyd’s is the only place to be. The campground is near downtown Key West and close to beaches for snorkeling, fishing, or just lounging. One note: Boyd’s was built back before RVs were the size they are now, so many big rigs find the space tight.


Yellowstone National Park
Oh my gosh! Yellowstone, the flagship of the National Park system! See Old Faithful, amazing wildlife, stunning geological formations and much, much more. Lots of great campgrounds in and around the park but you may want to make reservations if during the peak season.


Blue Ridge Parkway
Outstanding scenery and recreational opportunities make the Blue Ridge Parkway one of the most visited sections of the National Park System. Split-rail fences, old farmsteads, mountain meadows and scenic overlooks with endless vistas make the Blue Ridge Parkway a popular attraction. The Parkway incorporates numerous campgrounds, picnic areas and trails.

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