Key Things To Consider About The Pleasure Way Excel Bed And Storage Layout

So you are now ready to buy a Pleasure Way RV.  You have looked at hundreds of models online, you visited your nearest dealer, you have touched one, smelled the interior (yes this is important), taken one or two for a test drive, and you are ready to commit and make a deal…but did you take into consideration two of the most discussed topics among avid Class B RV owners?

Two of the main areas regularly discussed by our Pleasure Way Excel owners are:

  • Sleeping:  specifically the configuration of the sofa bed(s)
  • Storage:  The amount of storage capacity throughout the vehicle

When it comes to the sofa bed(s), there are two layouts to consider:

  • Two Side by Side sofa bed(s) on the side walls of the van that face each other or
  • One Single Sofa Bed located against the rear with two additional single chairs.

Both fold out and can be configured into two different configurations:

  • A King Size Bed
  • Two Twin Beds

So what’s the difference between the two if they both fold out to a king or two twins?
There are two models:

  • The TD
  • The TS

The TD model provides the ability for each sofa (along the sidewalls) to be a dedicated twin bed with a convenient table/night stand in between.  This is a convenient layout for those that travel with friends and do not necessarily want to sleep in the same bed together.  Also, if you have pets…(we have seen pets of all shapes and sizes here at our dealership)…you can simply setup the twin bed configuration leaving the center open for your pet to sleep on the floor in between the two twins.  Pretty cool.  Now, if you don’t mind your pet sleeping on your bed, by all means, set it up as a king size bed and let your pet enjoy a nice comfy spot just for them.


Class B Motorhome enthusiasts know that when it comes to RVing in a Class B Motorhome, you pack light and keep it to a minimum.  Thing is, most owners don’t mind this at all.  This is a lifestyle choice. One that our customers love and thoroughly enjoy.

Once you realize that you really do not need much, the storage in a Pleasure Way Excel is more than adequate.  Storage is laid out in overhead compartments, under the sofas, and a large cabinet to hang larger garments.  There are over 17 storage compartments with a variety of cabinets and draws.  Also, the layout of the storage is very similar in both models.

If you search the web, you can find a few creative storage designs RVers have implemented into their vehicles.  One of my personal favorites is Pinterest.  You can find a variety of creative yet functional storage ideas from other RVers that use Pinterest regularly.

Do you have a Pleasure Way Excel?  Or maybe you are simply checking them out?  Let us know what you think about the sofa bed configurations and the storage layout.

Happy RVing!

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