How to Ensure Proper RV Battery Maintenance and Storage In The Winter

You have just completed winterizing your RV and you have a majority of the To Do items checked off on your list.

Next up…RV Battery Maintenance and Storage.

When storing your battery in the winter, you need to take into consideration that batteries self-discharge when they are not used for long periods of time.  This process, if not well managed, will minimize the life of the battery.  And if ignored, it will completely ruin the battery.  When lead batteries are not being used regularly (such as storing for winter), chemical interactions begin to occur inside the battery that will harm it.

If found the following article very helpful in understanding the chemical reactions that occur within the battery.  If you are like me, I’m all about the details:

So how do you care for the battery?

Here’s a blog post that I found regarding the proper procedures to caring for your battery during those cold winter months.  It’s from RV Care based in Canada.

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Happy RVing!

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