How To Buy A Class B RV Sight Unseen and Risk Free Thousands of Miles Away

Over 50% of our customers purchase their RV sight unseen.  You may ask…but How?  That’s too risky to pay tens of thousands of dollars to an RV dealer without seeing the RV, touching it, or even driving it. Let alone, travel thousands of miles to pick up the RV.

And you are absolutely correct.

It is a huge risk and we at Sunshine State RVs understand. That’s why we make the process as easy as possible with a RISK FREE experience.

We have detailed the entire process of what you can expect when you make the long distance decision to purchase and RV at our dealership.

Where to Start when you are ready to buy

First step is to visit our inventory page and choose which RVs you are interested in.  It’s best to choose at least two just incase an RV has recently sold.  We buy and sell RVs every day. You can contact us in multiple ways

  • Phone: 352-337-0776, Monday thru Friday 9-5pm
  • Click on Contact (top menu) and fill out our contact form.  Please fill out completely with your name, phone, email, and a brief message listing the vehicles you are interested in.
  • Within each individual listing, click on Contact Dealer.  Fill out completely with your name, phone, email, and a brief message with questions.
  • If you fill out our contact forms or leave a message, WE WILL contact you within 24 hours, Monday thru Friday.

So, How Does It Work?
We try to make the purchasing process as easy and stress free as possible.

  • Once you’ve decided on one or more Campers, email or call with any questions and to arrange an appointment for a complete over-the-phone walk thru.
  • Once you decide if that is the right RV for you, we can take a credit card deposit to hold the RV for you.  This will secure the RV for you while either you make travel arrangements or you arrange funds to pay for the RV and have us ship it to you.  If you decide that shipping it is the best option for you, when we receive full payment we have a driver deliver the RV directly to your front door. They will usually leave the same day or next day that we receive payment.  If you decide that you want to fly in and take delivery in person.  Then you have 7-10 days from time of deposit to fly in and inspect your RV.  If you get here and are not 100% satisfied with the condition of the RV, then we will completely refund your deposit or do whatever we can to make you satisfied.
  • While you are here at Sunshine State RVs one of our highly trained technicians will give you a very detailed walk thru/inspection of your new RV.  They will teach you how to use EVERYTHING on your RV and show you that EVERYTHING is working.
  • Then we will sign all of the paperwork and get the show on the road!!!!!
  • Last, our DMV representative, Kevin, will process any required filings with the DMV, and in the case of Florida residents, file your paperwork so you don’t need to lift a finger (just wait for your plates and registration in the mail).  If you are an out of state buyer, your title will be express mailed to you after any required filings with the Florida DMV.

Registration And Title

If you are purchasing from out of Florida, we will give you a 30 day temporary plate that you can drive anywhere in the US/Canada for 30 days.  Within those 30 days, we will Fed Ex you the title so you can register the RV in your home state.  If you are a resident of the sunny state of Florida, then we will handle 100% of the paperwork, you do not need to do ANYTHING!!!

Shipping Your RV to Your Door

Because your needs are specific, there won’t always be a Class B RV for sale near you that fits the bill. This is where your first adventure begins.  If you can’t make it out here to us, we can bring the vehicle to you!  We utilize a staff of licensed professional drivers to ship the RV directly to your front door.  We do not charge any extra fees for this.  You will pay for the fuel the driver uses and their plane ticket home. We take care of paying their wages for doing this which helps to save you time and money!!!

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