Home Sweet RV Home

home sweet motorhome 2aEven if you just use your RV for weekend getaways, it’s an extension of your home. Let’s face it, when you buy an RV, they are all pretty much the same on the inside. Some have nicer finishes than others but everything is the basic standard. Just like your traditional home, you want your home away from home to be comfy and cozy. Here are some tips to help you make your RV home feel more like your own personal space.

Pictures. The moments of your life caught in snapshots are the best way to make a space your own. There are so many options for ways to display them, and they are a fun way to document your traveling adventures.

Pillows, Throws and Rugs. They just make you feel comfy. And they come in ever shape, size and color and can be used for seating, sleeping, playing, you get the idea. Pair a pillow with your favorite blanket or throw and you’ll be feeling cozy in no time.

IMG_4678Candles. A great way to add ambiance  and a soft sent. Decorative candle holders help display you personality. Try LED or electric candles to set the mood without the danger of starting a fire.

A few of your favorite things! What makes a house (or RV) a home is your personal touches and your favorite things. Just like you decorate your home, you CAN decorate your RV to make it feel homey and comfortable, no matter where you are!

Need inspiration? Here are a few of our favorites.


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