Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first time I purchase an RV (or any vehicle) over the internet sight unseen. Can I trust you?
Why should I consider a used Class B RV instead of buying a new one?
Well... what about the quality of a Used RV? It’s not new!
I’m looking to purchase an older RV. Should I be concerned that some models are no longer in production?
Do you provide a warranty when I purchase an RV?
How do I see what RVs you have for sale?
Where Are You Located?
I live in Canada. How do I bring my new RV into Canada and take it home?
What are your hours of operation?
Can we visit your dealership and just take a look around your lot to see your inventory?
Do you repair RVs at your facility?
Do You Offer Financing?
Why Are There No Good KBB Or NADA Values?

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