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This is the first time I purchase an RV (or any vehicle) over the internet sight unseen. Can I trust you?
We get it… Making any type of large purchase over the internet with a company and staff you have never worked with before can be risky. We understand and so we rely on our customer’s to share with you their experience with our staff.  See our customer reviews from Class B RV owners who just like you were asking the same question before they made their purchase.

We have been at our location for over 15 years. We are very established within our local community as well as in the RV industry across the U.S. and Canada. We have bought and sold 100’s of RV’s throughout all over North America.  Many of our customer’s have purchased their RV sight unseen. We take great pride in our experience with assisting all of our customers, especially those buying sight unseen.

Click here to see our buying process.

Why should I consider a used Class B RV instead of buying a new one?
It’s well know that when you purchase a used vehicle vs a new vehicle, you save thousands of dollars in depreciation. Whether it’s a new RV, a motorcycle, or a car, they all depreciate the instant you sign on the line and take ownership. If you were to purchase our RVs brand new, you would easily spend over $100,000. Buying a used RV, you save A LOT of money. Tens of Thousands of dollars.  So your next question may be…
Well... what about the quality of a Used RV? It’s not new!
 Correct, it’s not new. However, they sure are pretty close if you know how to properly shop for a Great Quality Used RV that has been meticulously cared for. And that’s what Sunshine State RVs is proud of.  We spend hours searching for Pre-Owned RVs that have been extremely well maintained and cared for with low mileage.

Each RV goes through a rigorous inspection by our Master Certified Technician to ensure that the RV is mechanically sound with no issues or concerns and that every component functions properly. In addition, our detailers spend hours detailing the interior and exterior thoroughly to ensure our customers will have no issues AT ALL with the look and smell of the RVs we sell. We guarantee that our RVs look just as good if not BETTER than the pictures we post online.

I’m looking to purchase an older RV. Should I be concerned that some models are no longer in production?
Not at all.  We receive this question quite frequently actually, especially for the Rialta and Chinook Class B RVs, because they are no longer in production. However, these are still some of the most popular used Class B RVs on the road. Parts are easy to find, interchangeable, and they are very reliable RVs. Roadtreks and Pleasure Ways are still in production today and very popular Class B RV models.
Do you provide a warranty when I purchase an RV?
Absolutely. For our customers peace of mind, we provide a 90 day warranty for FREE with each RV we sell. Many of our RV owners also purchase extended warranty packages that we provide in addition to our FREE 90 day warranty.
How do I see what RVs you have for sale?
You can view all of our inventory on our inventory page. Due to the demand of our potential customers, we HIGHLY recommend that you call us about specific RVs that you are interested in. We would hate for you to make a trip to our dealership only to learn that the RV you wanted to see has been sold, so to avoid any frustrations, just give us a call and we can make sure that you are taken care of!
Where Are You Located?
We are located at 3202 North Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32609. Here is a map to our location.

From I-75
Take Exit 390 for FL-222 toward Gainesville.
Go East on FL-222 / NW 39th Ave about 7.8 Miles.
Turn right on to North Main Street for about .5 Miles.
Sunshine State RVs is on the right after Maaco and across from Hyundai.

If you see a Dogde or Chevy dealership, make a U-turn, you have gone too far.

I live in Canada. How do I bring my new RV into Canada and take it home?
 We have sold many RVs to customers in Canada. We make the process as pain free as possible. It’s all about preparation and planning. No worries, we have you covered. Below are a few things to consider when purchasing your RV and Importing into Canada:

Obtain a Recall Clearance Letter from the manufacturer of the RV you purchased. You can attain the letter directly from the manufacturer by visiting the RIV website (Registrar of Imported Vehicles). Be sure to have the VIN of the vehicle you will be purchasing. Each of our listing on our Inventory page have the VIN.  According to RIV site, “recall clearance documents verify that any defects identified by the manufacturer as a potential safety risk to the vehicle’s operator, occupants and public at large, have been corrected.”  You must have this document in order to clear your RV. Documents remain valid for 30 days prior to the import. Be sure to submit your recall information to RIV before you import the vehicle. We will supply you with a Buyers Order and Title at the time of purchase which you will need to present at the Canadian border.

All fees at the Canadian border will be the responsibility of the buyer. The Canada Border Services Agency will NOT accept cash or checks for the fees. The Canada Border Service Agency will inform you of any and all requirements that need to be taken care of upon arrival in Canada.

If you choose not to pick up the RV, we can deliver the RV to the Canadian border for a fee.

What are your hours of operation?
Monday thru Friday  9am to 5pm
Saturday by appointment
Sunday and all Major Holidays we are closed
Can we visit your dealership and just take a look around your lot to see your inventory?
Absolutely! You are more than welcome to visit our lot during our hours of operations. However, we highly suggest that you setup an appointment in advance to ensure the RV you are interested in is still available and you receive undivided attention to get all of your questions answered. Click here to contact us and let us know you’re coming for a visit!
Do you repair RVs at your facility?
Yes. We have a licensed, certified RV technician on staff, as well as service personnel with years of combined RV service and repair experience. We have customers that come to us from all over the country to service their Class B RVs, although we understand visiting the Sunshine State is a great reason to visit us too! To learn more, please visit our service and repair page here.
Do You Offer Financing?
At Sunshine State RVs, we do not offer or provide financing directly. However, we have dozens of customers who have used USAA to procure financing for our Class B RVs. The only specification is that you must have served personally or be a family member of a veteran of the United States Military. If you meet those qualifications, then we would highly recommend you looking at USAA as a financing option. Other options our customers have used are local financial institutions or credit unions.
Why Are There No Good KBB Or NADA Values?
KBB and NADA base their values on an algorithm, or formula, to determine what they believe the value of any given vehicle, or RV, should be. However, what these algorithms cannot factor is the demand, condition, and what the overall market bears at any given time. As a result, the lack of these important metrics makes KBB or NADA values incomplete at best and more often than not, far from accurate.

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