Campers Using Pinterest To Share How to’s, Destinations, RV Gas Mileage, RVing with Pets, and more

Just a few years ago we all thought of social media as just some new technology that only teenagers and college students were using.  It was sure to be a fad that wouldn’t go mainstream beyond the young people of the world.  What a waste of time.  So we thought right?

I can hear my preteen right now saying…  “REALLY Dad? You really thought it was a waste of time” He would say that because now, just a few years later, I’m just as bad as the teenager and college student just a few years ago who spent hours on Facebook.

But I, as well as MILLIONS of adult users now, do not use social media to only look at pictures or simply communicate between friends…I now use social media as a great resource to find information I need, and I need now.  One particular social media site that I have begun to use frequently to find useful information on camping and rving is Pinterest.

Recently I searched on Pinterest to see how campers were using the online pinboard and I was amazed at the amount of resources available.

Here’s a brief list of the various topics I found that were very useful:

  • RV Maintenance & Repair like Winterize RV
  • RVing with Pets
  • RV Gas Mileage
  • RV Pest Control
  • RV Parking Solutions
  • Camping Recipes
  • RV Storage Solutions
  • RV Batteries and Generators
  • The RV Lifetsyle and More, A Lot More!!!

And let’s not forget, RV Destinations.  There are some locations that I have found on Pinterest that I never heard of and are now on my rv destination board.

So if you are looking for great ideas, tips, and all kinds of great rving resources, you’ll love Pinterest.

Coming from a skeptic and one that does not like to waste his time, I was really impressed with all of the helpful information I was able to find.  There truly are some serious campers on the road sharing key information about the RV Lifestyle.

What I found very helpful was the use of the Pinterest App on my phone.   I did a search for “winterize rv” and I got a list of multiple articles about how to winterize your rv.  I scrolled through the list of pictures and videos and found that the information was extremely useful.  I now search for rv articles a few times a week, primarily at night while watching TV,  and I noticed that the amount of useful information available is increasing rapidly.

I like that, I like that A Lot.  Mainly because its so simple to use, its fast, and I can save the information for later.  So if you are like me, who just a few years ago thought of social media as a waste of time, think about that when you start looking for pertinent information online, particularly on your phone while you’re out exploring in your RV.  This is a great tool to have in your rv toolbox.

Happy RVing!

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