7 Must Do Steps To Winterizing Your Class B Motorhome from experienced RVers

Whether you drive a Roadtrek, a Pleasure Way, a BornFree, or a Rialta…It’s that time again.  The temperature is starting to drop and it’s time to prepare your class b motorhome for freezing temperatures.  It’s no secret…if you live in an area that gets anywhere remotely close to freezing temperatures, you must winterize your class b motorhome to protect your entire water system from freezing and avoid costly damages come spring time.

***Before starting any type of service on your rv, be sure to read your owners manual regarding specific instructions, especially any instruction on winterizing.***

Materials you will need:

  • RV Antifreeze.  DO NOT USE AUTOMOTIVE ANTIFREEZE! ONLY RV Antifreeze which can be found at Walmart, Lowes, and Home Depot.
  • Water heater bypass kit, if not installed
  • Water pump hose extention to connect to the inlet side of the water pump.
  • Basic hand tools to remove and install drain plugs if needed.

Ok…Let’s get to it

1.  Drain all of the water tanks

***Check your owners manual first for drain locations and specific instructions first.***

  • Drain the holding tanks first.  Get it all out before winterizing.
  • Drain the fresh water tanks

2.  Drain the water heater

  • Lift the stem of the pressure relief valve to bleed excess pressure from water system, and remove the plug.  Some models have a nylon plug others, like Roadtreks, have an anode rod to protect the tanks from corrosion.

3.  Use an air compressor to blow out the water from the lines.  

***Be sure to use no more than 30-40 pounds of pressure and use a pressure regulator.  This will prevent any damage to the water system.***

  • Attach the pressure regulator to your hookup and temporarily place air to expel any water in the water heater.
  • Release air pressure.
  • Now you want to bypass the water heater.  ***Check your owners manual for the correct valves.***  Close the cold inlet and hot inlet.  Then open the bypass that will allow the air pressure and water to bypass the tank.
  • No you can blow the rest of the system out without loosing air through the water heater outlet.
  • Re-apply air pressure on the regulator to pressurize the water system.
  • Start blowing in the following order:

Kitchen sink.  Cold first then Hot.

Bathroom.  Cold first then Hot.

Toilet. You only need a little bit of pressure, just hold down until the air passes

Outside shower: Cold first the Hot.

Also, any other locations in your rv that connect to the water system, blow the water out.

  • Remove air pressure and regulator.

4. Water Pump.  

**Refer to owners manual for the location of your water pump**

  • Remove the inlet hose from the water pump.
  • Remove the line and attach your extra hose.
  • Place the opposite end of the hose into a full container of RV/Antifreeze.
  • Turn on the water pump switch.

5. Flow Antifreeze through the water system in the following order: 

***Remember to do the Cold first until you see a flow of antifreeze then and the Hot second until you see a flow of antifreeze***

  • Faucet (Cold then Hot)
  • Vanity sink (Cold then Hot)
  • Toilet (Cold then Hot)
  • Outside Shower (Cold then Hot)

***Remember to let it run until you you see enough antifreeze flow through.  This helps to protect your system. ***

6. Reinstall the water plug to the water heater.

***Be sure to use some form of sealant on the threading like teflon tape.***

  • Install the plug, the key here is to start installing the plug with your hand so that you can get a good feel that the threading has lined up properly.  THIS WILL HELP TO AVOID THE POSSIBILITY OF CROSSTHREADING.  Then tighten securely.

You class b rv’s water system is now protected.

  1. Protect the Traps: One last step for that extra protection.
  • Pour Antifreeze through all of the drains and toilet. Be sure to leave a little antifreeze in the toilet.
  • **Tip:  Leave the sink faucets open during the winter to prevent freezing**
  • Dump the holding tanks one more time since you have just blown water in the system along with some antifreeze. First open the black and then open the grey.
  • Finally, pour antifreeze through the sink.

Now you are all set for the Winter.

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We would love to hear from you.  Comment below any of your suggestions on how you winterizie your RV.  If we left something out, please share with us below.  For best results, use a professional rv service to winterize your class b motorhome and ensure that it is done correctly and throughly.

Happy Camping!

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